Penghu most appealing attractions - Twin Hearts Stone Weir was located in CiMei. It is located in the south of MaGong, the city where most of the tourists stay. From the harbor, it takes about one and a half hour on boat to CiMei.
Fortunately, I was too tired and fall asleep, if not, I believe the hot weather, the heat of the cabin, and such a long journey will make me feel seasickness. After we arrived CiMei, we rented a motorcycle. As there are too many tourists, we just follow them instead of looking at the map.

七美人塚Seven Beauties Tomb

Our first stop was Seven Beauties Tomb, which is to commemorate the seven women who fight for their____. Long long time ago, when the men of the island were out to sea fishing, a group of pirates came to plunder at the island. In order to defend themselves, the seven women suicide, jumping into the well. Later, the island which was named DaYu Island had changed to CiMei Island because of this story.

望夫石Waiting-Husband Reef

According to legend, a woman was waiting for her husband returned from fishing; but he didn’t return back. At last, the woman was found lying on the ground, the locals bury here there. Later, the reef there slowly became the shape of a pregnant woman, so called Waiting-Husband Reef. I found a lots of spot named "Waiting Husband Reed" on net. What keep women always waiting?!?

小台灣Little Taiwan

The abrasion platform’s appearance resembles a map of Taiwan, so-called Little Taiwan. Next to it is a green and vast NiouMuPing, pretty pleasant. But no trees could shade, extremely HOT ~

雙心石滬Twin Hearts Stone Weir
The stone weir is a traditional fishing trap which formed by basalts and coral reefs. The simple principal is, when high tide the fish will swim into the trap; and will trapped in the stone weir while low tide. According to the statistics, this is the most complete stone weir around PengHu. Because of the unique and romance shape—double hearts; it became one of the must-visit tourist attraction of couples. You should bring your love one there,too.

But, please be noted, it would only be seen on low tide.

All of the above spot’s names translated by the PengHu government


中國CN>北京BJN>鳥巢、水立方Bird Nest & Water Cube

Along the so-called "Dragon Path", there is a great architecture in the northern – The Bird Nest.

It formerly known as the Beijing National Stadium, was built for the main venue of Beijing Olympic Games 2008 by Swiss architects Herzog, de Meuron and Chinese architect Li XingGang. The main materials are the reinforced steel frame and concrete; and it was named because of the cross steel formation construction.

You can’t find any vertical column in the structure. To weld all the iron and steel together is really a huge project; however if you go nearer, you will find all the structure welding perfectly. Another special feature of the Bird's Nest is there is not any lightning rod, because it itself as a lightning rod which can transmit the thunder directly to ground.

Due to a Chinese phrase “Tian Fang Di Yuan” (direct translate means Square Sky and Round Ground XD), the Water Cube is just beside Bird Nest. (According the phrase, the Bird Nest is round; the Water Cube is square) This is the venue for all swimming events during Olympic 08. Each "water bubble" is an air pillow, framed in steel, seems crystal clear and fragile; but it’s good at heat dissipation, anticorrosive and easy to clean-up. They look like bubble; and also look like cells. In front of the Water Cube has fountain, you can have fun there~

Normally the stadium which specifically built for Olympic will surely meet the operation problem after the grand ceremony, nowadays the Water Cube not only open for public, but also a place for leisure, recreation, business, food, fashion etc, consider quite well managed. Following picture is search from web, there’s a indoor fountain concert, so special, so pretty~

照片摘自網路 Photo from web

These two buildings represent tough vs. tender; blue vs. red at night, with the unique design, it will be eye-catching, very spectacular to photograph from the sky at night.

The appearance of two buildings, features had surely credited in the China’s Architecture History; the technology used definitely is the latest and excellent at the moment. Besides, the constructions also environmental friendly, make good use of light and reuse rain water etc, the pleasant Olympic park around. So, these make the two constructions stick to the theme of Olympic 2008: Humanistic, Sci-tech and Green.

This is the most expensive hotel around Beijing—PanGu Hotel

Map for your reference